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Thursday, February 4, 2010
Pls Link My new Blog Pls. at 4:36 AM

Hey Everyone,im still updating both blogs..one is perfect now..so you can check it out..i really love the song called,"Somebody to love" Leighten Meister. Quite nice.Oh yea,Link this blog called, www.jelly-girl-under-thesea.blogspot.com

But still link this blog if you haven't k? thanks.enjoy!



Sunday, January 31, 2010
ItsThat Winter Feeling Again at 12:14 AM

I'm feeling..Like a very dull person right.now.like i
ve many decisions to make and all so..anything's possible..and right now im in construction of my new blog..[: and all..so im just really bored..and i didn't get to see SHINee today..or whatever.and i won't be going to their concert either..so ..this is a pretty short post and i went shopping at BPP.so ya..Im now watching a funny Chinese Show.i feel like i'm about to get paranoid about something..and i gtg now.Bye

You may think im dumb and ugly,but he may think that Im smart and irrestible[][]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
ThereSheGoes- at 4:11 AM

Its Like i'm soo tired..and im wondering what to do in my life right..now...so when i got back from school at like what 6pm?because i forgot to return the class key so rushed back..guess what ? even when im not pretty..im still pretty dumb ahahaha
Anyway,Im really tired..and i was mesmerised by this picture...that i found online...cute ain't it...im really inspired now..(: and i love sixpence none the richer's Songs..shall put a pic of them Now.Hold on.ahh there it is...and now im like sort of in love? kinda thinking about him lately..(: But there's nothing it to it..we're just really great friends haha..ANYWAY.i gtg chat,or Blog later..By Have fun this two months and start of school dearest 2MM.Bye!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Don'tStopBelievin at 4:17 AM

Dont' Stop Believin,Ever Heard Of Glee? Its Great.it totally defines me,COMPLETELY.but my friends do too...today was great,I went with putri,Jas and Putri's friend to just below my block there....We did projects and laughed about i guess..(: So yea,Now im totally in love with singing i feel like creating a Glee Club too.whaddya think?Anyway,I hope my dad can stop Nagging me i am Mature u noe...But some may disagree so wahtever..I Have Become more less Nice cause i got take up a notch.so yea,Better not lemme see ya using ur phones ah?No No ,Joking.I Love school and this computer haha(:...anyway,Cant wait for tomorrow Glee's episode.Go Finn AND rachel.

Signing out,Ugly Betty's Gonna start soon...Bye.(:


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Saturday, January 23, 2010
Honey Flavoured LipBalm Anyone?♥ at 9:30 PM

so...anyone of ya'll use lipbalm? wellof course there are some...well guess what? im not bragging...but i managed to finally get LipBalm? And its Honey flavoured from my mom...[: ! Even though i didnt get to join cheerleading because of limited space cause they can only take in 16 cause its the Max...so yea i'd be 17th but anyway,i may be could be their Back up...if Vaddi Allows or something like that...but crossed fingers well,live still goes on anyways...(: so yea..i'll be making sure i join NEXT YR! otherwise its unbearable.But i would just like to thank jaspreet and Putri,Priscilla sheperdson,Syafiqah and the rest of the cheerleading squad for making me feel better ...i really am happy that ya'll wanted me to be inside but if there's nothing u can do than its ok i guess...i understand...that means its dancing for me in school if i gotta answer the call of Dancing...haha! ♥ anyway's,Its back to school tomorrow once again..and i cant wait to see you guys ,putri and jas...thanks alot ily both so much and thanks for always being there with me...

im going out,Lunch time,bye.(p.s:Don't stop Believing....♥) Cause it goes on and on and on and on..




Monday, January 11, 2010
Tiredness Never Stops Does it? at 1:27 AM

I guess...Science Homework Were pretty easy but yea i was really tired then...after Conversational Malay.Plus The teacher wasn't really fun or interesting anyway,I learnt few malay words like "Selamat Pagi and Cikgu and all that"

So yea,the good boys are always catching my Eyes,But its the risk i take for the Chemistry.Haha.Anyways,V.V im really tired...blog later bye bye [:




Saturday, January 2, 2010
A.MI.GO at 11:32 PM

crevuto eto Mas!(X2)
hey,well,school starts tmrw and im kinda happy.but not,cause i can't use computer.
AND.i can't see my A.MIGOS on the computer and more than that...can't edit blog i guess.]:

I WANT IT MORE.MAS,means More.so i'm sure people want more love.so for spanish its mas something i guess.I'm really bored nothing else to do...on Facebook especially.Anyways,Happy new yr!and I want mas(more)Tags K?
NYWAY,BYE hehe.(:

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Hi,My Name's Ella.and im in high school.
i love going to school and eating/hanging out with friends.
its my refuge and yea,im really particular bout certain ppl but yea whatever.

i have nothing more to say except im tired and i love chocolate.

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